Can't I live a peaceful life without "religion"?

Is there any other way?

"No." Understood from reading from the book of Acts 17:16-23.(KJV).

That's the short answer, and probably not the one you were hoping to get. Actually, depending upon your interpretations of "peaceful" and "life" and "religion," it always appears that yes, certainly there's a chance of living a more or less peaceful life of a given duration.

But faith and judgement must be considered to answer this question, because "religion" can't save anyone or do anything. The confidence we have in God, His words, and Jesus are known as "faith," and that is critically important to living a Christian life.

You have to consider this also: the peace and comfort we believe we have in this world are fleeting, at best, and will end for each of us at some point in our lives. God is not optional, and after all the "peace" we may have enjoyed has finally run out, there is the final judgement before the throne of God that we must consider. Without having accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior while living, we alone have condemned ourselves to eternal hell and separation from God's wonderful and everlasting peace.

Because if we could manage to become sinless, there would have been no need for the life, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus on this earth. We wouldn't need Jesus to save us if we could do it ourselves, but we can't do that by any means whatsoever.

We must accept Jesus as our Savior while we are alive. It is complete self-delusion for anyone to believe they can live a peaceful life while knowing every day that after death it's too late to accept God's gift of grace. There can be no true peace whatsoever in that.

Again, the short answer is "no," you cannot live a peaceful life without belief in God's only Son, Jesus Christ. "Religion" can't save anyone. Only faith in God's promise of salvation through grace by accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life can do that.

From a series titled "Questions - and Answers - about Everyone's Life," by L.L. Hamilton, Jr. Please reference use of any portion elsewhere to this website and its author.