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Scriptures from the Holy Bible, King James (Authorised) Version of 1611
Phillipians, chapter 4, verse 13

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
From the King James Version

This Scripture as stated in other selected versions of the Bible:

From the New International Version:
13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

From the Living Bible:
13 for I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ
who gives me the strength and power.

From Good News For Modern Man:
13 I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that
Christ gives me.

From the Revised Standard Version:
13 I can do all things in him who strengthens me.

From Young's Literal Translation:
13 For all things I have strength, in Christ's strengthening me;

Holy Bible -- King James Version

Selah (Pause, and consider these things)
By Leonard L Hamilton Jr, Encouraging Words Ministries

I draw from the power of this passage in the KJV whenever I feel unsure of whether I can do whatever it is that needs to be done. But if it is something beneficial for me, something that will increase my abilities- strengthen me through Jesus' help- then I am sure to succeed. If it is not something good for me, I expect I will fail- if not immediately, then eventually. "I can do all things that bring me closer to God and become a better witness for Him - because Christ will help me" is the way the verse sounds to me. The King James version of the Bible appears to be the only one that adhers to the (in my humble opinion) real meaning of his passage.

But I have heard it defended that this verse means anyone can do anything because Jesus will cause it to be so. How could anyone really believe that?

If that were so, invoking His Name would enable one to help others, to be kindly, to be loving --- or to be a master thief, rapist, murderer --- well, you must be able to see the potentials for abuse. I can not do all things through Christ --- definitely not those things that run counter to the will of God --- but certainly and only those things which are beneficial and conducive to adhering to the Father's Will.

As you can see in other versions of the Bible, the interpretations can mean several apparently similar things, yet subtly different. Generally though, they seem inspiring and instructive. (As a side note, I find it unsettling that some versions use no capitalization in reference to the Lord's Name).

Use your own good judgement. Whenever you are involved in a Bible study, having several versions of the Bible to work with will certainly increase your appreciation of all that God's word contains. Regardless of what anyone may say about the seeming disparity of meaning in different versions, selah, consider this:

Through the power of God the Scriptures were produced, were assembled into the book known as the Bible, and have been translated into nearly all the languages spoken around the world. The Holy Spirit will certainly teach all that God wants taught, and no man nor group can do anything to alter that fact.

But what do you think? Is there a preferred version to use? How do you feel about using multiple versions in personal or group devotions and study? What are the basics of your belief in God and Christ? I hope you are a redeemed believer, and make it a habit to ask the help of the Holy Spirit to guide you in your studies and considerations.

God said the Word must be heard by all nations. I doubt he meant via KJV1611 only; even well-founded and believing scholars dispute what certain passages meant in that version. Accept it that God will lead and the Holy Spirit will instruct. When it comes to the Bible, the essential value of any "Version" may simply equal someone's preference.

Whatever version you use, read, study and use it daily. That's the single best piece of advice I can give about The Holy Bible. Please send email with your thoughts.

Your Invitation

While this passage may not seem to open an offer of the free gift of God's grace through salvation in Jesus Christ, it surely shows how unknowable our situation truly is, and that without doubt God is in control! He has offered us a choice. We have the freedom to accept Him and His offer of salvation or to refuse it; but there may not be time for hesitation. Let your devotion to Jesus be real, and your heart pure in surrender to Him Who created all things!

Why do you wait? Heaven is calling to you.......

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